Online Portal 

The Environmental Quality (EQ) division is offering some permitting using the online portal. As applications are moved into the portal they will no longer be available in the Application section below. The transition is expected to be complete before Summer 2021.

Application review timeframe information can be found here. CCCD EQ strives to review applications within 3 weeks, however please note that there is a large influx of permits during this time and there will be delays due to the volume of applications received.

NOTE: Refunds are no longer offered for File Search Requests that do not turn up records.

The online portal now offers the following applications / information requests:

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Onsite Wastewater Permitting

Note: All fees must be received with completed applications. Original signatures are required on all paper applications.

Application Forms

The following applications are not yet available on the portal and must be downloaded and submitted to Do NOT submit applications that are already listed as being in the portal above.

Site Investigations

Other Forms

Haulers (Septic/Water/Trash)

For hauler license inquiries and assistance, please contact Joelle Sawaya at