Animal Management

The Keeping of Animals Ordinance was adopted on May 25, 2021 by the Coconino County Board of Supervisors. The Ordinance outlines regulations, enforcement and requirements of kennels, shelters and pet shops in Coconino County. The final version of the Ordinance is located here.

Services & Responsibilities

The Coconino County Health and Human Services (CCHHS) Animal Management staff offers a wide variety of services:

  • Investigate public complaints of loose or vicious dogs, suspected rabid animals and reports of abuse - Call (928) 679-8756 to file a complaint regarding a dog at large, barking dog or dog bite.
  • Perform routine patrols - Animal bites are investigated, rabies vaccination clinics are provided. Schedules and locations vary. Call (928) 679-8756 for current schedule.
  • Issue dog licenses - We issue dog licenses as part of the Rabies Control Program. Call (928) 679-8756 for more information.
  • Inspect kennels and pet stores - Kennels and pet stores are inspected for compliance with County codes.
  • Enforce state and local statutes and ordinances associated with domestic and wild animals to protect public health and safety.

Dog Licensing

Every person owning or keeping a dog in Coconino County must purchase a license when the dog is three months of age; or within 30 days of becoming owner or keeping, or within 30 days after moving to Coconino County. Please print and fill out the dog license application below and send in the copy of your dog's rabies vaccination record along with the appropriate fee.

Spay/Neuter Vouchers

Spay/Neuter vouchers are available at the CCHHS Animal Management Office in the amount of $30 to help with the fees at any local veterinarian. When you have your appointment made with a local veterinarian call our office at (928) 679-8756 and we will either mail you a voucher or it can be picked up at 2625 N King St. In order to be eligible for the voucher your dog must be current in licensing and rabies vaccination.

Help in the Battle Against Pet Overpopulation

With your help, more animals in Arizona can be spayed or neutered. More spay/neuter means fewer animals ending up homeless and unwanted. Order a Pet-Friendly License Plate.

Fee Notice

The following fees will apply for each transaction:

Credit card transactions - 2.35% or Minimum $1.95
Debit card transactions - 1% or Minimum $1.95
No fee will be charged for Cash and Check purchases.

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