Stronger As One

September is Suicide Prevention Month

Stronger As One and NACA’s Native Connections are bringing you two exciting, free events for Suicide Prevention Month! Please share these events with your families, friends, and networks!


Wandering for Wellness: Please join us for our Wandering for Wellness event September 21st through September 27th, as a way to take care of ourselves, get outside and enjoy the area we live, and learn more about mental health. Each day we will release clues about the location of a cache with information and prizes hidden somewhere within the greater Flagstaff area. This event is free and open to the public, with prizes hidden throughout the community, and is open to all ages. Join us for a fun event to learn more about mental health and engage with our surroundings in a safe way!

 Wandering for Wellness 

Shoe Stories: Understanding who we are, and expressing ourselves, is an important part of taking care of our mental health. American artist Duane Koyawena will guide you through the art of painting your story on your shoes, as well as share his story of resilience in his video. Bring your own pair of shoes and register at to join the event this month, and share photos of your completed shoe story with us!


Shoe Stories


Stronger As One will be sharing suicide prevention resources, coordinating events, and raising awareness on this important topic! Get involved by following our social media @StrongerasoneNAZ, and continuing to check back here for updates and information!

For More Information Check Out: 


Mental Health America Resources



We are living in stressful times. COVID-19 is impacting all of our lives and affecting each of us in different ways. As this situation continues to unfold it is natural to feel scared, confused, or worried. During times like these, our health—and mental health, too—can suffer, even if we don’t really notice it. Many of us can feel, and in fact are, physically separated or removed from our routines, friends, and families. During this time, separation is often necessary for everyone’s health and safety. And while we are apart or stressed, we do not have to be alone. We may be physically separated, but we can and should stay connected. Please use this list of free resources to support you and your well being during this unprecedented time. And remember, we are in this together, we are Stronger as One.

Click Here for COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

Promoting a culture of knowledge, compassion, and action for mental health and well being, so that our community can truly be Stronger As One.

About us:

Stronger As One is a values driven coalition based in Coconino County, committed to promoting a culture of knowledge, compassion, and action for mental health and wellbeing, and preventing suicide in our community. Our commitment is to engage honestly, respectfully, and with trust for each other and our service organizations so that our collaborative work may help all Coconino County residents experience optimal mental health and wellbeing. We also realize that, through our work, we can create Best Practice’s which can scale for other counties in northern Arizona, developing partner Stronger As One Counties.

Stronger As One is guided by principles with participation encouraged from a wide range of educational, service provider, government, philanthropic, and community programs and perspectives. 

Our Collaborative Work

Together, we aim to:

• Expand opportunities for Mental Health First Aid training;

• Promote youth leadership in mental health and wellbeing initiatives;

• Promote knowledge of mental health resources and their availability;

• Support the wellbeing of professionals serving others in crisis;

• Promote messages of belonging, kindness, and hope.

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