Q. How do I submit a complaint?

👍 Visit the Online Portal to submit a concern or code enforcement request.  You must register, log in, then click on "Contact Us", and finally "Report a Concern" and follow the prompts from there.  Request cannot be anonymous or they will not be responded to.  A staff member will receive your request through the portal and will be in touch with you to follow up.  Paper forms are no longer accepted.

Q. What is the timeline for a complaint to be investigated and corrected?

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Q. Do I need a permit to build a shed in Coconino County?

A. Building permits are required for all structures with the exception of a detached accessory structure that is less than 200 square feet with no electrical, plumbing, or mechanical.

Please be sure that all setback rules and easements are considered before you build, or you may have to move the shed later.

Please be advised that a shed can not be a habitation without permits.

Q. Can I rent out a RV in my driveway?

A. A Recreational Vehicle is not considered an Accessory Dwelling. If you have a primary dwelling on your land you may not rent out a Recreational vehicle on that land. In addition, you may not live in the Recreational Vehicle and rent out the Home.

You are encouraged to check into building an accessory dwelling. Please check our planning and zoning code concerning accessory dwellings.

Q. Do I need a permit to build a second driveway, build a fence?

A. Please check for Easements. These could be County Easements along a road, or utility easements. Please check before you build a driveway or any structure.

Q. Is Adverse possession for real?

A. Yes. If you note that someone is using part or all of your property it should be dealt with immediately. Waiting for any amount of time makes it difficult or impossible for the county to make a determination of ownership.

Q. Can I have a Vacation Rentals in Coconino County?

A. Yes. However please note that the following restrictions do apply:

1 . No events. This means no weddings, parties, or any other planned event which will cause more than normal parking issues, traffic, noise, and fire/police issues.

2. The habitation you are renting must be a permitted dwelling or for a permitted use. Guests may not stay in any structure that is deemed unsafe.

3.  If there is any doubt please call us.

Q. Can I camp on my land?

A. Yes. Camping is allowed on raw land without a dwelling for up to 120 days per calendar year. A Temporary use permit is required. This is for recreational vehicles only and not for tents and yurts.   

Q. Why do I need a permit to camp on my own land?

A. Residential neighborhoods are planned for housing. People who buy homes there invest in the belief that the primary use for a residential area is for housing. Having a permit to camp allows the flexibility to camp on your land for 120 days per year while protecting any area from becoming a campground and not residential housing.

Q. Can I have Outdoor Storage on my land?

A. Yes. Outdoor storage is allowed if you have a primary dwelling on the lot and you can have 200 square feet of outdoor storage at a minimum. If you have more than one acre you can have more storage. Please check storage and screening in the Zoning ordinance.

Q Can I have a Business in my home?

A. Maybe. It depends on how your home is Zoned. Please give us a call before you buy if this is your intention. Please remember that the primary use of a residential neighborhood is a residential neighborhood.

Q. Can my neighbor put a gate on out Private Road?

A. Yes. Many people are surprised that the County does not enforce rules on private roads. It's my suggestion that the community work together and maintain the road and work together on rules for the road's use.