Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for the Unexpected

The Coconino County Health and Human Services Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Program focuses on preparedness and response activities related to the health impact of any emergency in the county. Our program's primary concern is the health and safety of Coconino County citizens and visitors.

Communicable Diseases - Find out more about how Coconino County plans for and deals with infectious diseases.

What we do

The PHEP Program conducts planning and training to ensure a rapid and coordinated response to public health threats and emergencies. These emergencies could include natural disasters (such as forest fires), transportation accidents (such as chemical spill due to a train derailment), epidemic (such as pandemic flu), or a terrorist attack (such as Anthrax tainted letters). We also collaborate on multiple preparedness and response activities, such as presentations, training, drills and exercises for the public, health care providers, health care facilities, community-based organizations and local governments to coordinate public health emergency preparedness activities.

Our Partners

The PHEP team places an emphasis on coordinating with public health partners, local emergency response agencies, local governments, schools, community-based organizations, private organizations, professional associations, health care providers, and health care facilities including: hospitals, primary care clinics, long term care facilities and emergency medical service providers.

Preparedness Resources

Arizona Department of Health Services Emergency Preparedness
Arizona Emergency System for the Advanced Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals
Emergency Notification System
Animal Preparedness (Preparedness information for a variety of emergencies and disasters)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Preparedness Checklist
American Red Cross
Closed Point of Distribution (POD) Partner Registry

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