Zoning Ordinance

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Click here to view a PDF of the recently adopted Zoning Ordinance effective June 9, 2022. Please be patient as it may take a few minutes to load due to large file size.

Zoning Ordinance Updates

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The Coconino County Zoning Ordinance is amended periodically to respond to new and changing land uses and conditions.  Recent projects include the 2019 update, a significant update that was coordinated with the Community Development Advisory Group (CDAG).  Click here to view a summary of the 2019 changes.  

In May, 2022 a new amendment was approved to add Section 3.19, Utility Scale Renewable Energy Systems, to the zoning ordinance.  This update added application requirements, performance standards and definitions to regulate the development of large renewable energy projects such as wind, solar and biomass.  

Also approved in 2022 was a change to the zoning ordinance that removed the Floodplain Management Overlay Zone from the zoning ordinance to create a standalone document called the Coconino County Floodplain Management Regulations.  Click here to view that document.

Click here to view a list of amendments to the Zoning Ordinance over time.

Utility Scale Renewable Energy Ordinance

The Utility Scale Renewable Energy Ordinance (REO) is part of the June 9, 2022 adopted Zoning Ordinance. Please see the links below for further details on the drafts and process leading up to adoption. 

The REO won a NACo Achievement Award! Please click here for more details.

Public Hearings on the Utility Scale Renewable Energy Ordinance

Click here to view REO meeting agendas.

Click here to view Planning and Zoning Commission agendas, staff reports, and ordinance drafts.

February 2022 Virtual REO Open House Presentation and Draft Ordinance

Planning and Zoning Commission Retreat Materials


CDAG Agendas and Meeting Notes

Click here to view CDAG agendas and meeting notes.

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Substantive Policy Statements

PZ-2021-01 - On Tents and Cabins in Commercial Campgrounds

PZ-2021-02 - On Clarifying the Use of a Park Model RV

PZ-2022-01 - Communication Strategies with Native American Governments