Coconino County APWA PWX 2019 Presentations

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We’ve Got You Covered from Emergency Response to Recovery: Public Works as the Backbone of Local Emergency Response

Coconino County is a breathtaking landscape of towering mountains, steep canyons, painted deserts, and sprawling plateaus with four very distinct seasons and its residents living in all of these beautiful areas. The potential for natural disaster in this diverse County is real and ever present. In fact, 2018 tested Coconino County’s emergency response systems with two significant events in a four-month period. Coconino County Public Works played key roles in the initial response and the ongoing recovery effort with both emergencies, demonstrating the importance of intentionally planning for the role of Public Works in emergency response and preparedness. 

Together, Coconino County Public Works and Coconino County Emergency Management team members will discuss the important roles Public Works team members play in emergency response and recovery, share insights on how to train and prepare Public Works agencies for their roles in emergency response, as well as highlight how to leverage the natural alignments between the two public services to streamline workflows and encourage cost savings.

Please visit our Flood Control District page for more details about our emergency response experiences with the Schultz Fire/Flood and the Museum Fire/Flood.

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Lucinda Andreani
Director / Deputy County Manager
Christopher Tressler, PE, CFM
County Engineer 
Jeremy Floyd, MPA
Administrative Division Manager
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Allie Stender, MPA
Program Manager
Sam Beckett
Specialist / Senior Operator

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Elevating Your Impact: How Investing in Your People Transforms Your Organizational Potential

Despite the diverse fields within Public Works, the common goal is to improve lives through infrastructure building. Together, professionals from many fields leverage their expertise to design-build-maintain-coordinate services and structures that lead to quality of life for residents in our communities. Yet, what are you doing as an organization to ensure your workforce is fully engaged, and fully realizing the extent of its impact?

Coconino County shares its story of moving towards an engaged and accountable workforce that surpasses its task of building infrastructure, to realizing important community impacts for residents. Lucinda Andreani, Coconino County Deputy Manager/Public Works Director and Allie Stender, Public Works Program Manager III, discuss the processes through which their team developed a vision for a vibrant, transformative workplace where learning is valued, leadership is realized at all levels, and team feels like family. This presentation highlights how to use strategic planning as an engagement tool; focuses on promoting a culture of learning as succession planning; and addresses the importance of aligning operational priorities with strategies for growing a healthy, thriving workplace culture. 

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Lucinda Andreani
Director/Deputy County Manager
Allie Stender
Program Manager