Web-Based Services

This page covers services that can be accessed through the internet.   These services include FARE (fines and restitution enforcement), eAccess, eFile, public access and the law library’s webpage for forms.   Links to the appropriate webpage or document have been included in the text.   You can also click on the appropriate icon below.

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Optional Family eFiling

The Coconino Superior Court has opened eFiling for Family cases. This is currently not mandatory.

Mandatory Civil and Criminal eFiling for Attorneys  

The Coconino County Superior Court implemented mandatory eFiling for attorneys in civil and criminal cases.   This was started for civil on April 1, 2019, and for criminal on Jan 1, 2021.  For those filers who are not represented by an attorney, the Clerk of Superior Court will continue to accept hard copies and electronic filings through the eFileAZ and AZTurboCourt eFiling applications.  https://www.azcourts.gov/efilinginformation/

Helpful hints for eFiling

Please see the attached press release from the Arizona Supreme Court.   Remember that local rules require that a certificate of compulsory arbitration be filed at the time of case initiation.   Additionally, local rules require that proposed orders are attached to the appropriate filings, such as motions.  All users of the eFiling system are required to provide an email address that complies with the State Records Management System.  Email addresses that only have two characters prior to the domain name are not considered valid by the Records System.  

Civil Cases
Users of the efile applications will have the ability to file civil initiating and subsequent civil filings electronically, attach more than one lead document per submission, issue summons and subpoenas, and generate the civil cover sheet.   The system offers additional functionality.

Criminal Cases
Criminal filings must continue to be sent with the Motion or Petition in pdf format and all Orders in Word format. They system allows for viewing of filed documents and of rejected documents along with the reason for rejection. 

eFiling training is offered by the Administrative Office of the Courts.  For information on training dates and locations, please visit www.azcourts.gov/eFilinginformation/training or contact the AOC Support Center at 602-452-3519 or 800-720-7743.  

FARE Payments

FARE is the fines and restitution enforcement program for debts that are now subject to collections.  This website, hosted by the Administrative Office of the Courts, provides a website so that individuals in the FARE program can now use a web based program to make a payment, without having to visit the courthouse.   The use of this website is free.   Remember, this website is only for making payments that have been turned over to the FARE program. https://wmq.etimspayments.com/pbw/include/arizona/newinput.jsp

Looking for what was filed in a case?  

Public Access  is a web site that is maintained by the Arizona Supreme Court.  This website tracks the filings in cases that are open to the public.   The site offers limited access to certain minute entries, but does not offer access to other filings.  https://apps.supremecourt.az.gov/publicaccess/caselookup.aspx

eAccess is a web site that is maintained by the Arizona Supreme Court.  This website provides access to the documents, if they are available to the public, for a fee.  Certain certified copies of documents can also be accessed/downloaded for a fee.  Due to Arizona Revised Statutes and court rulings regarding online documents, not all documents can be accessed through the eAccess website.  The complete file is always maintained at the local Clerk of the Superior Court’s office.  Some documents may be accessible at the Clerk’s office that are not available online.  Marriage licenses are not available through this website, please our marriage license page for more information.    https://www.azcourts.gov/eaccess/

These websites are not maintained by the Coconino County Clerk of the Superior Court’s Office nor by the Coconino County Superior Court.  Any concerns should be directed to the Administrative Office of the Courts in Phoenix, Arizona.  

Looking for a form for filing?

The Law Library, located at the Coconino County Courthouse, has all types of forms for filing.   The County Courthouse is located at 200 North San Francisco Street in Flagstaff.   The law library is staffed by the law librarian, who can answer certain questions about filings and documents.   The Clerk of the Superior Court’s staff, by law, are not allowed to provide legal advice and are only allowed to answer very limited procedural questions.   The law library can be reached at 928-679-7540 or at 877-806-3187.  https://www.coconino.az.gov/864/Forms-and-Answers

Clerk of the Superior Court’s main page

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