Museum Fire & Flood Area

Museum Flood Area Emergency Alert Process

Flood Threshold Info and NWS Weather Alerts

Museum Flood Area: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Proceso de alerta de emergencia del área de inundación del museo

Proceso de Alerta de Emergencia del Area de Inundacion del Museo

Museum Fire Scar: Rain Gauge Data & Map

Museum Fire Rain Gauge Data

National Flood Insurance Program: Flood Insurance Information

National Flood Insurance Program

Preliminary Museum Fire Flood Risk Maps

Preliminary Flood Risk Maps

Museum Fire Scar Weather Info.

Museum Fire Scar Weather Info

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NWS Flash Flood Handout

NWS FlashFloodHandout

Sandbag Information

Museum Fire Sandbag Sites

Museum Fire Closure Area

Museum Fire Closure Area_08062019

UWNA Volunteer Sign-Up

Volunteer Sign-Up

Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project


July 26, 2019: Video showing installation flood mitigation measures in the Paradise and Grandview area

Flood Mitigation_07262019