Finance / Purchasing

Roles & Services

The Finance Department provides all centralized financial, accounts payable, budgeting, internal control payroll, purchasing, reporting, and tax management for the County.  The primary mission of the department is to provide responsible stewardship of County resources and excellent customer service to the departments and stakeholders we serve.

Our Purpose

The primary mission of the department is the stewardship of County resources. This requires the department to:
  • Accurately account for County resources
  • Pay employees accurately and timely
  • Prepare a complete and reasonable budget
  • Provide a fair, timely, and cost effective purchasing function
  • Provide the Board of Supervisors, County Manager, County Departments, and taxpayers with accurate, timely, and sound financial information

Finance Division

  • Finance Administration: This area provides leadership and direction for all financial services and organizational financial planning and practices.  Administration works with the Finance leadership team to establish departmental priorities and goals.  It promotes effective partnerships with County Management, Leadership, departments, and community partners. 
  • Budget & Financial Planning: This area provides budget development, management analysis, financial planning, and research services to all County departments,  the County Manager and the Board of Supervisors. Our roles and services include; developing annual updates to the long-range financial and organizational plan, analysis and review of the overall County budget, and providing information and analysis of departmental operational functions and legislative impacts on the County finances
  • Financial Reporting & Audit:  This area serves and supports all County departments, the citizens of the County, grant funding and oversight agencies, and County Manager and the Board of Supervisors by providing financial statement and audit preparation, establishing internal controls and  internal audits, including financial policy development and management, preparation of the County's annual financial reports (CAFR), monthly financial reports, training in financial processes, departmental compliance support and manages the County's capital asset inventory. 
  • Finance Operations and Special Districts: This program provides the County with accounts payable, travel, use tax, and special district accounting and reporting services.  Annual vendor IRS tax form creation and distribution also falls under this program. 
  • Payroll: Manages the County’s timekeeping records, calculates and processes payroll distribution, pays and reconciles employee benefit, tax, and pension payments, and court-ordered garnishments.  This area is responsible for state and federal employment tax reporting including IRS reports and employee W-2s.
  • Purchasing
  • Special Districts