Regional Economic Studies

Strengthening Economies and Collaboration on the Colorado Plateau: regional studies that will guide businesses and community leaders into the future. 

  1. What is Glen Canyon Dam’s Value and Should it be Decommissioned
  2. Visitor Use at Glen Canyon Recreation Area 
  3. Grand Canyon National Park South Rim Visitor Study
  4. Economic Values of Angling in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
  5. 2017 National Park Visitor Spending Effects 
  6. Utah 5 Counties Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 
  7. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Socioeconomic Profile: Garfield County, UT; Kane County, UT
  8. Kane County 2040 Plan 
  9. Kane County Resource Management Plan
  10. Northern Arizona Council of Government’s (NACOG) Transportation Needs Study 
  11. Northern Arizona University (NAU) Alliance Bank Economic Policy Institute-The Economic Contribution of The Navajo Generating Station (NGS) on the City of Page 
  12. Arizona State University (ASU) Navajo Generating Station and Kayenta Mine: An Economic Impact Study 
  13. Arizona Association of County Engineers Roadway Needs Study
  14. Arizona Public Service: Forest Bioenergy Report
  15. Coconino County Community Needs Assessment Report
  16. Northern Arizona Council of Government’s (NACOG) Northern Arizona Coal Communities Workforce Initiatives Study 
  17. Navajo County and Highland Economics Regional Economic Assessment & Strategy for Coal Impacted Navajo and Apache Counties Arizona
  18. Economic Collaborative of Northern Arizona (ECoNA): An Economic Strategic Plan for the Lake Powell Region
  19. Northern Arizona University (NAU) Alliance Bank Economic Policy Institute: Extending the Season at the Grand Canyon National Park; North Rim; An Economic Contribution Analysis 
  20. City of Page Comprehensive Housing Study 
  21.  Housing Attainability for the Flagstaff Workforce
  22. Arizona State University (ASU) Morrison Institute for Public Policy - Destination Flagstaff: How Important is the Flagstaff-Area Tourism Cluster?
  23. 2016 Navajo Nation Long Range Transportation Plan
  24. 2014-2015 Page Tourism Survey
  25. Dine College - Dine Policy Institute - Flea Markets of the Navajo Nation:a Report on the Informal Economy
  26. Grand Canyon National Park & Northern Arizona Tourism Study
  27. Navajo Nation Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 
  28. Rural Leaders' Perceptions of Tourism Development in San Juan County, UT