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April 2019 Update (Click image for full-size PNG)

Read the latest news on the Parks & Recreation Master Plan, including community connections with the Cameron Chapter House, and the Town of Tusayan and Grand Canyon School District.

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March 2019 Update - Thank you to everyone who filled out the Master Plan survey! 

410 surveys were returned from the random sample survey and 520 surveys were completed online during the open period. The department is now preparing the Draft Master Plan document and it will be available for review this summer. Once the plan is released, people will be encouraged to review and offer opinions on the draft.

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November 2018 Update (Click image for full-size PNG)

Shape Your Parks, Your Future

Coconino County Parks and Recreation is updating its Master Plan and we want to hear from YOU!

What is a master plan?

This master plan will shape the future of Coconino County’s parks, recreation, trails, and open spaces by identifying each community’s needs, goals and priorities.

Why is it important?

Parks, recreation, and open spaces objectives change over time. By identifying existing conditions, needs, and future resources, this master plan will craft a shared vision in Coconino County.

Your voice matters!

  • Attend a community meeting (Summer and Fall 2018)
  • Complete the survey (Winter 2018-19)
  • Review the draft master plan and recommendations (Summer 2019)
  • Celebrate the final master plan (Fall/Winter 2019-20)

Learn more!

Check out this presentation (PDF, 2.8 MB) of current parks and recreation sites, features, partners, and more.

Master Plan brochure (PDF, 2.7 MB)

2009 Organizational Master Plan

Coconino County Parks and Recreation's 2009 Organizational Master Plan established goals, policies, and strategies to re-position the department to provide a wider range of outdoor programs and services to a wider range of citizens. Goals addressed through 2019 relate to: facility management, repair, and replacement; financial and budgetary management; strategic growth; and new programs and facilities. 

The public's input shaped the Master Plan in three fundamental directions. In the public's view, the County should:

  • Maintain and improve existing facilities, including capital repair and replacement, and upgrades to expand capacity or generate additional revenues for parks,
  • Focus on large parks devoted to natural areas, open spaces, corridor trails, passive recreation, nature education/adventure camps, and special events; and
  • Develop additional county parks in local communities that agree to participate in fund raising, operation, and facility maintenance.

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