User Fees

The Coconino County Board of Supervisors will hold a Regular Meeting and Public Hearing on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 6:00 pm virtually on Zoom (, to hear any taxpayer wishing to comment for or against any proposed fee increase. Following the Public Hearing the Board will consider adoption of a revised fee schedule.

What is a user fee?

A user fee is one in which the applicant (personal, business, organization) receives a benefit that does not accrue to non-applicants. The underlying philosophy is that someone who receives a special service from which he/she will benefit (especially monetarily) should pay all, or a portion, the full cost of that service unless otherwise decided.

Are fee changes the result of a budget shortfall?

No. Coconino County evaluates the cost of all services, every other year, and uses that cost analysis to recommend fee increases and decreases. Our policy is to recommend regular changes to our fee schedule, in order to avoid large increases in any given year while maintaining our cost recovery percentages. This creates routing incremental fee changes that are easier to absorb than increases that are not done as frequently and are thus more significant. The cost of some fees increased since the last study, and others decreased due to technology and efficiencies in service delivery. Many fees are adopted at the full cost, with a sliding fee scale applied based on ability to pay. For fees that have a community benefit, the Board of Supervisors subsidizes a portion of the cost of the services with County tax dollars.

How much of the total County budget is supported by user fees?

In total about 10% of all County revenues come from charges for services, licenses, permits, fees, fines, or forfeits.

Are user fees charged by all County departments included on this schedule?

No. Each year Coconino County studies approximately ½ of all user fee services. The current schedule includes fees that are charged by Assessor, Community Development, Public Fiduciary, Health and Human Services, Recorder, and Treasurer. The net effect is that each fee is studied every two years.

Proposed Fee Changes

Please note, the recommended fee is the current staff recommendation. The Board of Supervisor’s may elect to adopt up to the full cost that is listed for each fee. Fees that are set by Statute cannot be changed.


Coconino County has a contract for services with MGT of America, Inc. for User Fee Study services.  The contract is constructed to conduct user fee studies on approximately one-half of all County departments annually.  Conducting a user fee study for half of the department one year and the remaining half the following year allows for more individualized attention and a more thorough study.