Justice Courts

Roles & Responsibilities

Each county's board of supervisors sets the geographical boundaries, known as precincts, of that county's Justice of the Peace courts. Although these geographical boundaries can be changed, the precincts cannot be abolished until the four-year term of the current justice of the peace expires.

Justice of the Peace Courts

Justice of the Peace Courts hear traffic cases and certain civil and criminal cases. They issue search warrants and handle domestic violence and harassment cases. Justice courts hear landlord / tenant disputes under a dollar amount of $10,000. Justice of the Peace Courts also hear small claims cases under $3,500.

Hearings & Probable Cause

When conducting preliminary hearings on felonies, Justice of the Peace Court judges may require defendants to answer criminal charges in Superior Court. They may also dismiss charges if there is no probable cause to believe the defendant is guilty.

Precinct Map

To view a Justice Court in a specific area of Coconino County, select that area on the map below to access additional details about that area.

Precinct Map

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