Recovery Court

Recovery Court

Coconino County Recovery Court is a voluntary, court-supervised substance use treatment program for persons charged with criminal offenses in Coconino County who are determined through an eligibility interview to be “high need” for substance treatment and “high risk” of failing probation services.

The Program

Recovery Court includes regular court appearances before the designated Recovery Court judge, intensive substance use treatment (including both individual and group counseling), frequent and random substance testing, intensive probation oversight, engagement in recovery support groups, pro-social activities, and full-time employment or education. The program duration is a minimum of 15 months. Successful completion and graduation from Recovery Court usually results in early termination of probation and/or dismissal of charges. Failure to successfully complete Recovery Court results in imposition of the sentence set forth in the Recovery Court plea agreement.

Our Mission

The mission of Recovery Court is to promote recovery and accountability through a court-supervised treatment program which reduces crime, improves community safety and leads to a healthier, more productive lifestyle.


The treatment component of Recovery Court provides a minimum of 202 hours of outpatient group and individual counseling. When the treatment need is higher, participants must also complete a residential treatment program through various agencies in Arizona. Additional individual counseling sessions are available for trauma therapy and other treatment needs.

Since 2001, DUI/Drug Court (now Recovery Court), has served thousands of participants, with an overall graduation rate of seventy-eight percent. In FY2016, seventeen percent of the new participants were employed when they entered the program, while at their graduation eighty-nine percent were employed. Recovery Court participants provide an average of 2,000 hours of community service per year. Recovery Court graduations are held at noon on the first Wednesday of each month in Courtroom E of Coconino County Superior Court. The public is welcome to attend.

Getting into Recovery Court

Persons charged with criminal offenses in Coconino County may be eligible to participate in Recovery Court. To begin the process, the defense attorney asks the assigned prosecutor if Recovery Court is an option for resolving the case. If the assigned prosecutor agrees, the defendant will meet with the Recovery Court Coordinator for an eligibility screening. If the defendant is deemed eligible for the program, the Recovery Court Eligibility Team determines whether or not the defendant is an appropriate candidate for Recovery Court. Upon Team approval, the County Attorney’s Office has final discretion whether or not to offer a Recovery Court plea agreement. If the County Attorney’s Office offers a Recovery Court plea agreement, the defendant may choose to accept that plea agreement and enter into Recovery Court.

Recovery Court Handbook

Please learn more about Recovery Court by reviewing our handbook.

For More Information

For information on the Recovery Court program, contact the Coconino County Recovery Court Coordinator by phone at (928) 679-7520 or in person at: 200 N. San Francisco St.

Flagstaff, AZ 86001