Override Elections

The Coconino County Superintendent of Schools recommends holding an election to renew an override in the fourth year of a seven year override. If not, the budget will be reduced by 1/3 in the 6th year and 2/3 in the final year of the override.

If the proposed budget of a school district exceeds the aggregate budget limit for the budget year, the governing board shall order an override election to be held not less than 90 days from the date of the order for the purpose of presenting the proposed budget to the qualified electors of the school district who shall by a majority of those voting either affirm or reject the budget. In addition, the governing board shall prepare an alternate budget which does not include an increase in the budget of more than the amount permitted as provided in A.R.S. 15-481.

The County Schools’ Office works with the school districts to gather the information for the information pamphlet. The County Schools Office will ask the public to submit pro and con arguments for the election and shall prescribe the form and date by which the arguments shall be submitted. A.R.S. 15-481.B

For further information on override elections, refer to the A.R.S. Title 15, Chapter 4, Article 4.