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Ed Talk: Getting to Deeper Learning

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Engineering is Elementary

Over the past two years, 35 K-5 teachers have participated in Engineering is Elementary (EiE) trainings offered by CCESA. After completing the training the teachers have access to all 20 EiE kits which they can check out for use in their classroom free of charge. Thank you to the Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff for providing funds to purchase materials and provide the training for Flagstaff educators free of cost. 

Woman testing her teams index card pyramid

Michelle Galloway and Marsha Thompson are testing the tower they created using only index cards and 12” of tape. They were given 18 minutes to build a tower that was 2 ft tall and could hold the stuffed animal for a minimum of 10 seconds.

Adults hold windmillMeg Poore, Chandler Blean, and Greg Mallie are showing off the windmill they created as a team. They were challenged to create a windmill that could do work.

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