The Innovation and Development Division of CCESA is entirely grant funded. We continually seek grants to help fund our mission of increasing academic achievement and quality teaching, providing exceptional professional learning experiences, and supporting schools in their implementation of Arizona’s standards and assessments. In 2020 CCESA received the National Science Foundation Award, which targets middle school computer science students. In 2020-2021 CCESA received from the Governor’s Offices of Youth, Faith, and Family, Mathematics and Science Projects, Title III, Arizona Community Foundation, STEM, and literacy grants, totaling over $28,053,628 million dollars.  Since 2010, we have been awarded over $28,053,628 million in grants to support education in Coconino County.

Descriptions of Current Grants (PDF) | Former Research and Education Grants (PDF)

Current Grants

  • Mathematics Science Partnership: Building An Integrated STEM Classroom – Grades 3-8 Teachers ($620,488)
  • Mathematics Science Partnership: Functions and Statistical Models – Grades 7-12 ($625,549)
  • Mathematics Science Partnership: Intel Math K-8 ($473,871)
  • Mathematics Science Partnership: Connecting Earth & Space Science, Environmental Science, Technology, and Literacy- Grades K-7 ($388,063)
  • Improving Teacher Quality: Quantitative Reasoning Course for High School Mathematics Instructors ($152,969)
  • Arizona Commission of the Arts Program – Grades 3-5 ($2,500.00)
  • FASTER GRANT: Formative Assessment – High School Educators ($20,187)
  • Title III Grant ($32,079 )
  • Governors’ Office of Youth Family and Faith Substance Abuse Block Grant: 7th Grade ($176,970)

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