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The Superintendent of Schools is responsible for organizing school Governing Board elections, appointments, school bonds, and school-budget overrides. If you are interested in serving your local district as a Governing Board member, please contact our office at 928-679-8070.
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Governing Board Elections and Appointments

The Arizona Revised Statute 15-302 gives the County Superintendent of Schools authority to appoint community members to fill vacancies on school district and community college governing boards within the county. The Superintendent takes this responsibility seriously and has established processes and procedures to fill vacancies that reflect the best interest of children, students, and educators.

The terms of these appointments will be from the date of appointment to the last day (December 31) of the year in which the next general election cycle (even numbered year) occurs.

Governing Board Elections are conducted during the general election cycle in November of even numbered years. Following the election, the school governing board elects a president to serve for a one year term. Most board term lengths are four years; however, if the seat is vacated by resignation, the term will be less (depending on how much time remained in the term when the resignation occurs).

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Governing Board Election Candidate Information

Notwithstanding section 16-311, each county school superintendent shall publish on its website the statement of each certified candidate for membership on a school district governing board located in the county. If a candidate does not submit a statement, the county school superintendent’s website shall state “no response submitted” for the candidate.

Governing Board Election Candidate Forms

Please contact Michelle Despain to make an appointment to acquire or submit election documents at (928) 679-8070 or mdespain@coconino.az.gov.

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