Vision of the Courts

Our Purpose

In the 21st century, the Coconino County justice system ensures that all persons have access to justice in the resolution of their disputes. Justice is based on fairness, compassion, acceptance of personal responsibility, respect for the law and individual rights, and is strongly oriented to community restoration.

Court Organization

The courts are efficiently organized and administered stable, dedicated sources of funding have permitted continuous improvement in their operations. State-of-the-art facilities and operations support the delivery of justice. Court facilities are functional, accessible, and organized around the needs of "customers."


While advanced technology maximized the efficient flow of information and interaction among people, the courts have also instituted several measures to preserve a community-oriented atmosphere. In the delivery of innovative justice-related programs, the courts are active partners with:

  • American Indian Nations and tribes
  • The bar
  • The community-at-large
  • Educational institutions
  • Local government
  • Minority communities
  • Police and corrections
  • Social service providers
  • Youth and family programs

Comprehensive education and outreach programs ensure that people understand the justice system and know how to use it.