Fiscal & Accounting

The Fiscal and Accounting Division facilitates the efficiencies of tax payers monies provided to school districts. This occurs by providing a central location of financial oversight and assistance to nine school districts in Coconino County. We aim to meet and excel at statutory requirements including:

  • Process accounts payable (PDF) and payroll (PDF) warrants
  • Monitor fund status for accounts payable and payroll
  • Verify budget/cash capacity
  • Reconcile warrants and cash balances with County Treasurer’s office and provide reconciling (PDF) entries to school districts so they may balance to the county on a monthly basis
  • Deposit and record school district revenue (PDF)
  • Verify and approve that federal and state completion report calculations agree with the county reports. Once approved, transmits approval to Arizona Department of Education-Grants Management
  • Allocate interest revenue distribution by fund
  • Works cooperatively with public school districts in setting tax rates
  • Notifies a school district three years before the expiration of an Override

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