Employee Testimonials

Michael Olson, Adult Probation
Employee Since 1993

"My first day I remember getting to work ten minutes early and most of the staff was already here. That let me know these people enjoy coming to work... I could not imagine how I could have ended up at a better place to live and work than Coconino County."

Erika Philpot, Human Resources 
Employee Since 2010

"I'm proud to work at Coconino County because we have such passionate employees who care about the citizens they serve. We are an award winning County and we are proud of our commitment to public service."

Sue Brown, Facilities Management 
Employee since 1998

"The people I get to work with everyday are the best."

Melanie Gordon, Information Technology
Employee Since 2012

"I love working at the County! I left HR 6 years ago and missed it so much that when we moved back to Flagstaff this year, it was the only place I wanted to work.  I've seen so many people have long careers here that it makes me want to be here long term also. I've already told my boss to give me long, long term goals, because I plan to be a 'lifer'."

Lauren Bednar, Human Resources
Employee since 2016

"I love working for the County because they give you so many opportunities to improve and gain knowledge."