District 5 Communities

Proudly serving the communities of:
Bodaway Gap     Tsinaabaas'Habitin Tuba City     To'Nanees'Dizi
Coppermine      Beesh Haageed City of Page
Inscription House     Ts'ah Bii Kin Greenehaven 
Kaibeto     K'ai'bii'to' Town of Fredonia
LeChee      Vermillion Cliffs / Marble Canyon
Navajo Mountain     Naatsis'áán Grand Canyon
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Population (2010 U.S. Census): 25,778
Square Miles: 5,932.77
Population per Square Miles: 4.35

Contact Us

  1. Lena Fowler
    Lena Fowler
    Supervisor - District 5

    Miranda Morales 
    District Director 

    Flagstaff Office
    219 E. Cherry Ave
    Flagstaff, AZ 86001

    Tuba City Office 
    46 Maple Street
    P.O. Box 948
    Tuba City, AZ 86045
    928.283.6366 - Fax
    Tuba City office pic
    Office Hours:
    Monday - Thursday
    10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
    Closed Fridays and Holidays

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