Orders of Protection / Injunctions

The steps to file for, obtain, and have served an Order of Protection or Injunction Against Harassment can be found on the AZPoint website.

The website contains an online tool to initiate the process and information on how to file your petition with an Arizona court.

If the judge issues the Order of Protection, the court will send a copy of it and your petition to law enforcement (city police, county sheriff, or constable) for service on the defendant.  

If you are asking for an Injunction Against Harassment or an Injunction Against Workplace Harassment, you — not the court— must arrange for service of the injunction, if the judge issues it.  

To have an Injunction served by the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office:

  1. Complete a Service Information Sheet (printed copies also are available at our office)
  2. Please ensure you read the following Civil Process fact sheet concerning service of your paperwork.
  3. Bring your court paperwork and completed Service Information Sheet to our office
       Coconino County Sheriff’s Department, Civil Process
       911 E Sawmill Rd
       Flagstaff, AZ 86001

For additional questions please contact us at 928-226-5012.