Kachina Village Projects

Kachina Trail Road Reconstruction Project

What's New...

September 18, 2021: 

Work on the Kachina Trail Road Reconstruction Project continued on schedule this week with the installation of the remaining shotcrete channel; more stormceptor excavation and installation and the start of drainage work with the installation of corrugated metal pipe (CMP). 

Next week’s work is scheduled to include the start of removal and replacement of sidewalks and guardrails. 

The Kachina Trail Reconstruction Project includes the replacement of 0.35 miles of pavement on Kachina Trail between Ancient Trail and Kona Trail. Replacing the asphalt extends roadway life, increases rideability, and reduces maintenance costs. In addition, the project includes installation of cinder management measures (aka "Stormceptors") to reduce the amount of cinders flowing into Pumphouse Wash.

  • Status: Construction
  • Construction Start: August 2021
  • Completion: Fall 2021
  • Project Cost: $903,000
  • Project Contractor: Tiffany Construction Co.

Chaco Trail Drainage Improvement Project 

What's New...

Project Overview

The Chaco Trail Drainage Improvement Project will replace an existing drop inlet structure on Chaco Trail in Kachina Village, which is currently undersized to meet demand. In addition, a second drop inlet structure and a connecting pipe will be installed with surface repairs made to the existing concrete swale in order to better facilitate roadway drainage away from residential structures.

  • Status: In Design
  • Construction Start: Summer 2021
  • Completion: Summer 2021 
  • Est. Project Cost: TBD
  • Project Contractor: TBD