High Profile Court Cases

Statement from Coconino County Clerk of the Superior Court

Regarding High Profile Court Cases

Case Information

Court rules prohibit the public disclosure of the charges or any other specific information until the court has confirmation that the defendant has been advised of the charges and any arrest warrants served.

Media Information

Arizona Supreme Court Rule 122 and Coconino County Superior Court Administrative Order No. 2013-004 regulate still and electronic photographic coverage of judicial proceedings in the courtroom and areas adjacent to the Coconino County Courthouse during court proceedings. Rule 122 also provides the authority to restrict media coverage based upon the physical limitations of the facilities and the safety and well being of the court user including parties, witnesses, jurors, victims and court staff.

Except for juvenile court proceedings, requests for permission for electronic, video, or still photographic coverage of public judicial proceedings shall be made by filing a request with the assigned judicial officer presiding over the proceeding. Such requests shall be made no less than two business days before the proceeding sought to be covered. The assigned judge shall determine whether, and under what conditions such coverage shall be permitted in accordance with Supreme Court Rule 122.

Court Contact Information

All pertinent case information will be available on the “High Profile Cases" page.

Please note that Valerie Wyant, Clerk of Superior Court, Coconino County, has been designated as the central contact for all inquiries regarding matters in this case. However, due to limited resources including, but not limited to, other case load requirements of the Superior Court in Coconino County, all initial requests and General Questions must be handled through the Coconino County Superior Court web site.

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