Driving on Suspended License

The following language was added to the Driving on a Suspended Law effective on August 2, 2012: “If the suspension is pursuant to section 28-1601 (i.e., it is due to unpaid civil traffic fines) and the person presents to the court evidence that the person's privilege to drive has been reinstated, the court may dismiss the charge of driving under a suspended driver license.”

What this means is that the Court can dismiss a driving on a suspended charge that occurred on or after August 2, 2012 if the defendant can establish that their suspension was due to unpaid civil traffic fines, that they paid the fines, and that their license has been reinstated. You would establish this by presenting your MVD record (or a letter from MVD) and a reinstated license to the Court. The Judge will review your documentation and make the decision whether to dismiss the charge. Even if your charge is not dismissed with the proof of a reinstated license, the Court may reduce the fine from $635.00 to $154.00.