Juror Information

WARNING: Juror Scams

IDENTITY: Staff from the Jury Commissioner’s Office will never call, e-mail or text you requesting your social security number, credit card numbers or any other sensitive information. We use the U.S. Mail to send jury summons and communicate by telephone only if you initiate the phone call.

FINANCIAL: The public will never be contacted and asked for money with regard to jury duty. Juror scams have now been occurring in Coconino County. A caller may say that the victim has missed jury duty and a warrant or other sanction is being imposed. Victims are being asked to make a payment to the caller either by check, credit cards, cash cards, etc. Callers may identify themselves as jury staff or law enforcement. If you receive such a call, e-mail or text, PLEASE DISCONNECT THE CALL, DO NOT OPEN THE E-MAIL OR TEXT! DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY!

SUMMONSES: Coconino County Jury Summonses are mailed to jurors through the U.S. Postal Service. Summonses are NEVER e-mailed or texted to jurors. Should you receive an e-mail or text regarding a Jury Summons, do not open them. Opening such e-mails or texts may allow the sender access to your computers or cell phones. Instead, contact your local law enforcement agency and/or contact the Jury Office at 928-679-7616.

Important Note Regarding Survey Link: Coconino County does send a survey link (to SurveyMonkey.com) with the paper summons. It will be on a separate letter or insert. Please make sure the link begins with https://www.surveymonkey.com before attempting to go to the page but note that the link must be entered in completely. It is very important the survey in the link be filled out in its entirety.


If you have received a questionnaire to be qualified as a juror in the mail, you can complete an online jury questionnaire, drop off the questionnaire in person, or mail in the completed questionnaire.   A questionnaire is not a summons, do not report for jury service unless you receive a summons.  If you receive a summons, please report as indicated on the summons. To be excused from jury duty due to health issues, here is the Medical Form required to be excused from jury duty. To be considered for any excusal from jury service, mail in the required documentation with your questionnaire.


Get more than your basic questions about jury duty answered by viewing the Juror Handbook.

General Information After Receiving a Summons


Summoned jurors need to report to the assigned court facility with their summons. Please read your summons carefully as the summons will list when and where to report as well as other important information about jury service. If the summons is from the Coconino County Superior Court, please call 928-679-7616 after 5:00 PM the night before your reporting date to ensure that the trial to which you have been summoned is still going. Please keep in mind that if you leave a message the night before or in the morning that a jury is to report, the jury clerk will be away from the phone to check in the reporting jurors. If you are traveling from an extended distance, you may want to consider bringing additional clothing for the week.

Disability Accommodations

Access to Jury Service is available to all individuals with a disability as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Persons needing a reasonable accommodation should contact the Court's Bailiffs at 928-679-7510.

 Failure to Appear

A juror who is summoned and who willfully and without reasonable excuse fails to appear for jury service may be found by the court to be in contempt and be subject to penalties provided by law. If you failed to appear on the dates summoned, call the Clerk of Superior Court Jury line at 928-679-7616. Though we may call to determine why you missed court, we will never call to ask for money or funds to avoid contempt.


Juror hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM unless otherwise informed by court personnel. Please plan to stay the entire day. We suggest you bring reading materials or small projects to pass the time while awaiting assignment to a courtroom.


Jurors are advised to dress in layers when reporting for jury duty. Temperatures vary in courtrooms and the assembly room. Please dress comfortably but in appropriate clothing. Shorts, hats, tank tops and similar clothing are not considered proper attire.

Lunch Breaks

Jurors have at least one hour for lunch. Breaks are announced throughout the day. Meals and snacks are not provided by the Courts. Jurors may bring a lunch or visit the many restaurants in the downtown area.


If you are a selected juror, you will need to contact the judge's staff if an emergency occurs and you cannot return to the court. Emergency contact information is provided for your specific jury during jury selection.


Jurors who are 75 years or older may opt out of jury service simply for age. These jurors may choose to be temporarily or permanently excused. Jurors who have a medical condition that would make it difficult or impossible for them to participate in jury duty will need to provide the Jury Office with a Medical Excuse Form completed by their physician, Physician Assistant, RNP, or professional caregiver.

If you feel you have a valid reason to be excused from jury duty, call the Jury Office at 928-679-7616.

Postponement of Jury Service

If you have a reason to have your jury service postponed, contact the Court or Jury Office which summoned you. Please call prior to your appearance date. Contact phone numbers are printed on the summonses. 


Potential jurors appearing and released the first day will be paid mileage only. Jurors who have been selected after the jury selection process to be a trial juror will receive $12 per day plus mileage, if traveling. Mileage is paid according to your home zip code. The rate is set by the State of Arizona and is currently 62.5 cents per mile (as of Jan 25, 2023).  Fees are paid once a week automatically and uploaded onto the juror's Mastercard that is issued on the selection day. 

If you live over 50 miles away from the courthouse, you may be eligible to stay in a hotel. Please call the Court Bailiffs at 928-679-7510 to set up a hotel room. Hotel rooms will only be paid by the courts, if the Bailiffs set up the room. Rooms reserved outside this process will not be reimbursed. If a juror stays in a hotel, they will not be paid mileage on the days that they stay in the hotel when they are not traveling. The hotel costs are paid in lieu of mileage. For example, a juror travels to Flagstaff on a Tuesday and returns home on a Friday. The juror stays in the hotel while in Flagstaff. The juror will be paid mileage on Tuesday to come to Flagstaff and paid the return mileage to return home on Friday. There would be no additional mileage paid for Wednesday and Thursday.

In an effort to reduce the financial burden on jurors who serve on trials, the Arizona Legislature established the Arizona Trial and Digital Evidence Fund (ATDEF).  The fund is designed to replace unpaid earnings for jurors who serve on a trial if their employers do not pay them while they serve.  A trial day is any day a juror is required to report to the courthouse for service.   The maximum earnings replacement is $288 per day*.  Unemployed and retired jurors can receive supplemental compensation in the amount of $28 per day.

The Deputy Jury Commissioner will provide a Claim Form to sworn jurors who do not receive their full earnings while serving as a juror.  The Deputy Jury Commissioner will also explain the supporting documentation that must be returned with the completed form.  Jurors requesting earnings replacement under the fund are required to disclose information about their regular earnings and any earnings they continue to receive while serving as a juror.  

*The Deputy Jury Commissioner will use this information to determine the amount of reimbursement a juror is eligible to receive from the ATDEF.  A juror who does not agree with the Deputy Jury Commissioner's decision can ask to have the decision reviewed by the Presiding Judge.

Supreme Court video explaining jury compensation eligibility - Jury Compensation in Arizona

Not a Waste of Time

The most common complaint of jurors is the unexplained time apparently wasted during jury selection and trials. What might appear to be a waste of time to you is actually time being used by the judge and attorneys working on matters that must be done outside the presence of the jury. These events often arise unexpectedly and cannot be planned for in advance. Please be aware of these issues and bear with us as we all work to accomplish our goal of achieving justice for all.

Notice to Employer and Right to Time Off

A.R.S. § 21-236 (B) provides that, "An employer shall not refuse to permit an employee to serve as a juror.  No employer may dismiss or in any way penalize any employee because the employee serves as a grand or trial juror".  A violation of this section is a class 2 misdemeanor (A.R.S. § 21-236E). 


View contact information for the various courts within Coconino County.


When you receive your summons for jury duty, we will include a parking permit for on-street parking only. Please place the parking permit on the dash on the curb side of the vehicle. You do not need to buy time on the meters when using the parking permit. Do not park in any of the parking lots, loading zones, short-term parking, or private property. The parking permit is not valid for those locations.

Child Care

The courts do not provide childcare during your jury service.   Children should not be brought to the courthouse when you are performing jury duty. 

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