Job Club

Support for Your Job Search

Job Clubs offer an opportunity for job seekers to come together on a weekly basis with career professionals to provide support, advice, job trends, and motivation to help you gain the momentum that is needed. They offer a flexible format with members who are either unemployed or under-employed.

Those who attend Job Club come from various industries and backgrounds, but there is often a common theme: community and support. Anyone who has ever sent out resume after resume with very little or no response knows the feeling of frustration and helplessness, as well as the toll it takes on one’s self esteem.

These experiences and feelings not only affect you but can also affect your relationships. These pressures often make it even more difficult to maintain momentum in your search.

Benefits of Joining the CCHHS Career Services Job Club

By joining together with other job seekers and guided by Career Services Professional Workforce Development staff, you can be assured that you’re in good hands to receive practical advice and effective strategies when it comes to job searching. The combination of support, networking, and job search strategies makes Job Club participants much more successful at finding a job than those who search alone.

In his classic book on career transition, What Color is Your Parachute, Richard Nelson Bolles suggests job seekers experience an 84% success rate when job search activities are conducted in groups —15% higher than those conducted alone.

You’re invited to join us to network and to share strategies, frustrations and triumphs as you journey toward your next career success!

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