Stephen Sepulveda

Stephen Sepulveda doesn’t have much time to talk this morning. He has to hook up a bunch of computers at various Coconino County offices. The 23-year-old Flagstaff native loves his work. But it’s not what he planned to do when he dropped out of high school halfway through his senior year. He figured he’d be a car mechanic. But he also wanted a high school diploma, so he dropped into Coconino County Health and Human Services, Career Services Independent Learning Center.

“The teacher gave me focus ... let me be me” but reminded him that he was there to get through school. They also offered him a paid internship with the county’s Information Technology department if he got his diploma. He graduated at age 19, worked in the internship about nine months, got interested in computers and never looked back. 
Sepulveda is now a Network Engineer in the Coconino County IT department and he credits Coconino County Career Services for his success. “County Career Services has helped me a lot,” he says.

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