Presentence Investigation

Prior to being sentenced, all persons going through Superior Court have a presentence investigation conducted on them. This gives the court access to extensive and objective information which to use as a basis for a reasonable sentence on every criminal defendant.

Presentence reports contain information such as:
  • The criminal history of the defendant.
  • The current risk and needs of the individual.
  • Medical, psychological, educational, and employment history.
  • Statement of impact on the victim and restitution owed.
  • Statement of the defendant.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Financial information.
  • Screening for the ability to pay fines and fees.
Our dedicated staff of officers often sifts through hundreds of pages of police reports, medical reports, legal motions, evidence and statements to give the judge a brief overview of the circumstances of both the crime and defendant. In each case where a presentence report is prepared, the presentence writer also administers a standardized risk/needs assessment called the Offender Screening Tool (OST).

The results of the OST are provided to the court to assist with ordering appropriate conditions of probation. The OST is also used to assist with placing probationers on the appropriate level of supervision and to prepare case plans to address individual needs. At the request of the assigned defense attorney, an OST can be prepared prior to entering into a plea agreement. This can assist attorneys and clients to provide additional information in decision making.