Adult Probation

General Information

The Coconino County Adult Probation Department is a full-service community corrections organization consisting of Pretrial Services and Adult Probation. Services include: pretrial release investigation, pretrial supervision, supervision to limited jurisdiction court clients, Superior Court probation presentence investigations, in-house cognitive-behavioral programming and a wide range of supervision levels for those granted probation.

Vision Statement 

Building relationships and enhancing lives to create a safer community.

Mission Statement 

The Mission of the Coconino County Adult Probation Department is to create a safer community by reducing the number of future crimes, thereby reducing the number of future victims.  This is to be accomplished by providing to our clients individualized programming and supervision to include:

  1. Cognitive-Behavioral education, treatment and supervision based upon individual assessment of risk and need.
  2. Restorative justice to the community and victims.
  3. Community and client involvement and collaboration.
  4. Effective, quality-based methods of supervision.
  5. Measurable processes and outcomes.

We have the finest group of officers, support staff and supervisors anywhere. We hire only the best people to perform one of the hardest jobs around. The pay is adequate, the working conditions are great and the people you will be working with care deeply about each other and the service that we provide. We can promise you hard, frustrating, thankless work that is never over. We can offer you; however, a place at our table in an honest, caring environment that believes smiling and maintaining a happy workplace is the first duty of every employee.

Employment opportunities posted on the county website: Coconino County Employment