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Filing Fees
Justice Court Filing Fees

 Small Claims Filing Fee  $33
 Small Claims Answer Filing Fee  $23
 Civil Filing Fee  $85
 Civil Answer Filing Fee  $55
 Forcible Entry and Detainer Filing Fee  $40
 Forcible Entry and Detainer Answer Filing Fee  $26
 Motion to Transfer Fee  $24
 CD Copy of Court Hearing Fee  $24
 Renewal of Judgements Fee  $24
 Notice of Appeals Filing Fee  $24
 Record Search Fee  $24
 Certification of Documents Fee  $24
 Civil Subpoena Fee  $24
 Issuance of Writs Fee  $24

Superior Court Filing Fees


 Statute  Service  Fees*
 12-311  Complaint or Petition  $246.00
 12-311  Petition for Name Change  $246.00
 12-311  Answer OR Initial Appearance  $168.00
 12-311  Petition to Take Deposition  $246.00
 12-311  Petition for Stay or Special Action  $246.00
 12-312A  Filing Intervener  $246.00
 12-312B  Additional Plaintiff's Fee / Third Party Complaint  $246.00
 12-312B  Additional Defendant's Fee  $168.00
 12-1705  Foreign Judgment  $246.00
 12-284D.2  Answer of Garnishee-Defendant  n/c
 12-284D.3  Garnishee Contesting Garnishment  $153.00
 12-407B  Change of Venue Transmittal Fee  $26.00
 12-407E  Change of Venue for Jurisdiction under 12-404, Plf/ Pet pays fee  $26.00
 12-407C,E  Change of Venue to this county  $246.00
 12-284E  Order to Show Cause - to appear and do one or more of the following:
(If no appearance fee has been previously paid) 
    1. Request affirmative or Counter Relief;  
    2. Attach process of proceedings; 
    3. Take other affirmative action.
 12-2107  Notice of Appeal Filing Fee / Cross Appeal  $88.00
 12-167  Tax Case  $246.00
 12-284  Civil Traffic Appeal  $91.00
 12-284  Emancipation of Minor  $111.00
 12-284  Renewal of Judgment  $26.00

Domestic Relations

 Statute Service   Fees*
 12-311  Petition for Dissolution of Marriage  $266.00
 12-311  Response or Initial Appearance in Dissolution  $246.00
 12-311  Petition for Legal Separation  $266.00
 12-311  Response or Initial Appearance in Legal Separation  $246.00
 12-311  Petition for Annulment  $266.00
 12-311  Response to Petition for Annulment  $246.00
 12-311  Miscellaneous Domestic Relations (Paternity/Maternity)  $261.00
 12-311  Response to Misc. Domestic Relations (Paternity/Maternity)  $241.00 
 12-311  Miscellaneous Domestic Relations (Custody/Other)  $196.00
 12-311  Response to Misc. Domestic Relations (Custody/Other)  $176.00
   Domesticate Foreign Decree  $196.00
 12-284A  Post-Decree Petitions  $131.00
 12-407B  Change of Venue Transmittal Fee  $26.00
 12-407E  Change of Venue to this County  $296.00


 Statute Service  Fees* 
 12-284A  Issuance of any Writ  $26.00
 12-284A  Marriage License  $72.00
 12-284A  Certified Copy of Marriage License or Application  $26.00
 12-284A  Copies, per page  $0.50
 12-284B.3  Photographic copies per page (includes appeals)  $0.50
 12-284A  Certification as to correctness of documents  $26.00
 12-284A  Comparison fee, per page, of documents furnished by party  $0.50
 12-284A  Exemplification (2 seals)  $52.00
 12-284A  Authentication (3 seals)  $78.00 
 12-284E  Certification of official capacity of notary public/justice of the peace  $26.00
 12-284A  Certification of any matter not specifically provided  $26.00
 12-284E  Spousal Support / Child Support annual handling charge  $27.00
 12-284E  Payment History Record  $26.00
 12-284E  Filing transcript of judgment from any court  $41.00
 12-284B.6  Demand for Notice; or any act where no fee is provided by statute  $26.00
 12-284A  For services performed by the clerk that becomes a part of the case
or matter of record in the office of the clerk
 12-284B.6  Issuance of each subpoena in civil cases  $26.00
 12-284A  Seal court file  $26.00
 12-284A  Reopen a court file  $26.00
 12-284A  Postage and handling  $7.00
   Return check fee  $25.00
   Retrieve bank record  $26.00
 12-284A  Stop payment on a check  $14.00
 12-284A  Annual certification of bail bondsman  $26.00
 12-284A  Process server certification  $166.00
 12-284A  Research in locating a document, each year / source searched  $26.00
 7-103  Power of Attorney  $26.00
 12-284A,B.6  Court controlled trust account; charge for ea. individual action  $26.00

Probate, Conservatorship, Guardianship and Fiduciary

 Statute Service   Fees*
 12-313A.1  Petition for Formal Probate or Appointment  $271.00
 12-313A.2  Application for Informal Probate or Informal Appointment  $271.00
 12-313A.3  Petition for Supervised Administration  $271.00
 12-313A.4  Petition to Appoint Guardian  $271.00
 12-313A.5  Petition to Appoint Conservator or make Protective Order  $271.00
 12-313B  Single estate application under Chapter 3, Title 14 (14-3938)  $271.00
 12-313C  Opposing Petition in Probate, Guardianship or Conservatorship  $271.00
 12-313C  Any person opposing contested application, if no prior payment  $131.00
 14-391E  Petition for Transfer of Real Property by Affidavit  $271.00
 12-284A  Post-Judgment activities in probate cases  $131.00

Note: An annual accounting fee will be charged on all probate and conservatorship cases based upon the amount of the estate inventory. Cases with an inventory of $10,000 or less will not be charged the accounting fee. A sliding scale has been established for inventories above $10,001.

Transfer from Justice Court

Statute   Service  Fees*
 22-283  Appellant  $231.00
 22-283  Appellee  $153.00
 22-201D  Ownership of real property becomes an issue (Plaintiff)  $246.00
 22-201D  Ownership of real property becomes an issue (Defendant)  $268.00
 22-201F  Jurisdiction exceeded (on Defendant's counterclaim)  $153.00

* Fees are as of 1/1/2012, and include base fee and applicable service charges.

Paying a Filing Fee in Installments

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