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Road Maintenance

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The Road Maintenance Division
The Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for road maintenance, including snow removal, on county-system roadways throughout Coconino County. Roadways which must be maintained include regular county system roadways, primitive roadways and numerous other classes of roads maintained through cooperative intergovernmental agreements, including road maintenance services for some roadways in the Navajo Nation.

Funding for road maintenance is primarily derived from the Highway UserPatching roads Revenue Fund (HURF), which is generated by gasoline taxes and vehicle license fees. It also is funded by Proposition 403, the Road Maintenance Sales Tax that was approved by County voters in November 2014. Payments in lieu of taxes (PILT) from the U.S. Forest Service are another source of maintenance revenue. These funds have diminished substantially in recent years, however, due to the lack of timber sale activity on national forest land. Absolutely no property taxes are used for road maintenance or construction purposes.

Coconino County is divided into three maintenance districts, each of which has a maintenance district supervisor and a maintenance crew.

More About Road Maintenance Painting stripes on the road

  • Coconino County maintains 930 miles of roadways county-wide
  • The annual Road Maintenance Division budget  is approximately $6 million.
  • The County maintains approximately 319 miles of paved roadways and 611 miles of unpaved roadways

For questions regarding roadway maintenance, please call the public works department at (928) 679-8300.

Helpful Information

County employees are doing their best to avoid mailboxes while keeping the roads open, safe and passable. In winter they pass by more than a million mailboxes without damaging them. We did damage to about nine mailboxes last year and replaced them. Please don't define all our hard work to keep the roads open and passable based on damaging your mailbox.

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