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Coconino County Teacher of the Year & Rookie Teacher of the Year

General Information

The Coconino County Superintendent’s Office is committed to supporting and improving educator quality by creating conditions for teachers to flourish. This Recognition Event highlights exemplary teachers while initiating a new conversation around the foundation for a transformative educational system. If we truly want a world-class educational system, we must honor exceptional teachers.

CCESA annually hosts the Teacher of the Year event and this year will host the first Rookie Teacher of the Year. The Teacher of the Year event is a county-wide teacher recognition program that spotlights the contributions of state-accredited teachers in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. The Teacher of the Year awards event recognizes three exceptionally skilled and dedicated teachers and three exceptionally skilled and dedicated rookie teachers of the year who have gained the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues. These teachers inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn and are dedicated and passionate about education. At the annual awards dinner, these exceptional teachers will be recognized. At the Teacher of the Year Awards Banquet, we will honor the Teacher of the Year and the Rookie Teacher of the Year. Additionally, we will honor the Ambassadors for Excellence and the Rookie Ambassadors for Excellence.

Please join us in the opportunity to celebrate, honor, and recognize the professional educators within our County community. Their tremendous efforts and successes create positive impacts and motivations, which are evident through the successes of our students and their families here in Coconino County.

2019 Information

2018 Information

  • 2018 Teacher of the Year Flyer (PDF)
  • 2018 Teacher of the Year and Rookie Teacher of the Year Nomination Form (PDF)
  • 2018 Teacher of the Year Application Packet (PDF)
  • 2018 Rookie Teacher of the Year Application Packet (PDF)

Current Teacher of the Year

Past Teachers of the Year

To schedule an appearance of the current or past Teacher of the Year or Ambassador(s), please email Risha VanderWey.

Coconino County Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee in Coconino County is a strong tradition intended to encourage and celebrate academic excellence. Open to all students in Coconino County in grades three through eight. We hope it improves spelling, increases vocabularies, fosters the learning of new concepts, and develops correct English usage that will help our children all their lives. Plus it's fun!

Typically, the County Bee is scheduled for the weekend before President's Day.

2019 Arizona Spelling Bee Instructions (PDF)

To ensure your students' eligibility to participate in the 2019 Coconino County Spelling Bee (date to be determined) and the 2019 Arizona Spelling Bee, schools musts be registered with Scripps National Spelling Bee by December 14, 2018. Click here to enroll now.

Go to Arizona Educational Foundation to access the statewide spelling bee information and much more.

Spelling Bee Resources