Business Property & Manufactured Homes


  • Locates and appraises all taxable business and agricultural personal property.
  • It also locates and appraises manufactured homes and park models.
  • All Affidavits of Affixture and Tax Clearance Certificates (504 requests) are processed by this division. Submit request for a 504 Property Tax Clearance.
  • Personal property appraisers perform field reviews, personal property audits, maintain mobile home park inventories, process ADOT mobile home reports, process petitions for review of valuation, etc.

E-Filing Instructions

E-Filing is now available for Business Property statements. To E-File your Active/Disposed property list, just submit in Microsoft Excel format along with the signed original Business Property Statement. The file format for both active and disposal lists are to include:
  • Account number (if available)
  • Company filing report
  • Location Site Address, city and zip code
  • Asset description
  • Asset acquisition year (format: XXXX)
  • Asset acquisition cost (only positive costs, no negative figures)
Email your electronic file to: Business Statements Email

If you have additional questions regarding this process please feel free to contact the assessor's office at 928-679-7962 or email listed above.

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