Sue Brown

Sue Brown, Facilities Management, Employee since 1998

"The people I get to work with everyday are the best."

Doug Townsend, Sheriff's Office, Employee since 1999

"The thing I like best working for the County is the sense of the county family. We are all working like a family to help make our community, i.e. the lives of our citizens and neighbors, better."

Bonny Lynn, Finance, Employee Since 2001

"I think Coconino County is the best County in the state and I love the people I work with."

Michael Olson, Adult Probation, Employee Since 1993

"My first day I remember getting to work ten minutes early and most of the staff was already here. That let me know these people enjoy coming to work... I could not imagine how I could have ended up at a better place to live and work than Coconino County."
Bonny Lynn
Gordon, Melanie

Melanie Gordon, Human Resources, Employee since 2012

"I love working at the County! I left HR 6 years ago and missed it so much that when we moved back to Flagstaff this year, it was the only place I wanted to work. I’ve seen so many people have long careers here that it makes me want to be here long term also. I’ve already told my boss to give me long, long term goals, because I plan to be a 'lifer'."

Pat Rudd, Sheriff's Office, Employee since 2002

"When I began working at the Coconino County Detention Facility my game plan was to stay one year and then transfer to another position somewhere else in the County.  I was old and did not think that the Jail would be a good fit in the long term.  In less than three months, I came to realize that I had accidentally found the perfect job for me! I learned that the people who work at the Jail are caring, talented, and amazing.  Did I mention fun?  My co-workers, past and present, make working here a pleasure and you never know what will happen today.  My duty assignments have included Intake, Housing, Central Control, the Lobby and I am currently working in the Medical Unit.  My job is challenging, interesting and an ongoing learning experience.  I cannot imagine working anywhere else.  My current game plan is to work in the Jail Medical Unit until I retire...and I have a good start on that because I have already been here seven and a half years.  My mother-in-law still tells people I work for the Sheriff because she is not sure about the Jail-but I am sure-I LOVE MY JOB!"

Kathleen Levinson, Sheriff's Office, Employee since 2008
"I have felt like part of a family from the first day at the Sheriff's Office.  I feel fortunate to have a job during these economic times and very fortunate to call the Sheriff's Office home."
Lola Riggs
Lola Riggs, Public Health Services District, Employee since 2004
"I get to work with peers that are knowledgeable and good leaders in the work of Public Health. They lead with such confidence and I can rely on them for help if I need it. It makes my job more rewarding."

Robin Boldizar, County Attorney’s Office, Employee since 1999

"I am proud to tell people I work for Coconino County. The work we do is very important to the community’s health, safety, welfare and quality of life. We all have a common goal and work very well together to achieve that goal. Coconino County treats their employees very well and the Board of Supervisors and County Manager truly care about us."
Robin Boldizar
Terri Morales, Treasurer's Office, Employee since 1999
"I have learned so much and have been given so many great opportunities over the past 15 years in my employment with Coconino County. I love the people I work for and what we do for the community. I can't imagine myself working anywhere else."
Terri Morales