In the months of April through June temperatures and wind increase and so does the fire risk. Be Ready, Sign up for Emergency Notifications now.

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Sedona Stage 1 restrictions

 Stage 1 Restrictions


  • No Open fire
  • No Campfires outside of designated campgrounds with fire rings and grills
  • No Fireworks
  • No Open Smoking
  • No use of explosive targets or tracer rounds
  • No Liquid Fuel Fire Rings or LPG Fire Rings


  • Cigarette use in enclosed vehicles/buildings or developed recreational site areas free of combustible materials
  • Cooking or warmth fires made from wood or charcoal in fee campgrounds with fire hosting amenities (Fire rings and grills)
  • Cooking with liquid petroleum or LPG fuel systems which can be turned on and off. Cooking must occur in areas free of combustible materials and vegetation.
  • Welding in areas free of combustible areas
  • Off-road and off-trail motorized vehicle use
  • Mechanical or industrial operations with spark arresters
  • Generators or pumps with spark arresters with at least 3 feet of clearance from combustible material and no overhead obstructions

Permit required:

  • Fire use in cultural or religious activities or ceremonies
  • Industrial and ranching operations

What is Emergency Management?

We help make Coconino County a more resilient and safer community through coordination and facilitate communication with intergovernmental and private partners and citizens

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