Transformative Learning Center (TLC)

Transformative Learning Center teen parents and child

Coconino County Transformative Learning Center

The Transformative Learning Center (TLC) is an initiative of the Coconino County Education Service Agency (CCESA), which has placed emphasis on developing a P-12 educational system. The fact that 90% of a child’s brain is developed by age five confirms early education’s direct impact on successful educational outcomes.  Significant research additionally confirms early childhood’s link to adult health and life outcomes, and ultimately social mobility.

Tranformative Learning Center framework


  • 90% of brain development occurs by age 5
  • Education is the optimal pathway to opportunity and economic self sufficiency
  • When parents embrace proven early childhood learning practices, home environments are enriched
  • Quality early education contributes to children’s readiness for school
  • The education pipeline, from home to preschool to adult education, affects the lifelong success of children and parents, and the well-being of communities


  • Many parents and guardians experienced early childhood poverty and trauma themselves, impacting their current abilities to positively parent their children
  • Cost of quality preschool is unaffordable for the families who need it mostAccess to quality preschool is limited by affordability and community capacity


Early Education will be known in Coconino County as the cornerstone of economic and civic development, and the optimal pathway to increased family self-sufficiency.


Provide educational opportunities for two generations by empowering families and communities with knowledge of the importance of early brain development, and increasing family access to quality early education and family support services.


  • Education as a means to increased opportunities, and healthy communities and societies
  • Positive approaches that build on each families’ and communities’ unique and diverse strengths
  • Investments in early education yielding significant financial returns and positive life outcomes
  • Innovative strategies based on sound research impacting long-term learning outcomes for two generations
  • Strategies that promote community engagement and collaboration as a means to achieve greater social impact


Tranformative Learning Center informative graphic on education strategy