Departments (A-E)

  1. Adult Probation

    Learn about the responsibilities of Adult Probation and how it is impacting your community.

  2. Assessor

    Access information about the roles and responsibilities of the Assessor's Office.

  3. Board of Supervisors

    View information about the Coconino County Board of Supervisors.

  4. Career Center

    Learn about the programs offered by the Career Center for employers and job seekers.

  5. Clerk of the Superior Court

    Access information about the duties and services provided by the clerk of the Superior Court.

  6. Community Development

    The five divisions of Community Development are: Building & Safety, Engineering, Environmental Quality, Planning & Zoning, and Sustainable Building.

  7. Community Services

    Access information about the various services we provide to our community.

  8. Constable

    Find out how the constable serves Coconino County.

  9. Cooperative Extension

    Read about how the Coconino County Cooperative Extension is helping to educate youth and adults.

  10. County Manager

    View details about the roles of and services provided by the county manager.

  11. County Attorney

    Access information about the roles, responsibilities and programs of the County Attorney’s Office.

  12. Courts

    Get an introduction to the various courts and view information on services provided by the courts.

  13. Elections

    Read through information about upcoming elections and about previous elections.

  14. Emergency Management

    Get contact information and learn how to sign up for emergency preparedness information.