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We serve the public by advocating for justice.

The Coconino County Attorney's Office is dedicated to the vigorous and fair prosecution of crime throughout Coconino County, protection of the rights of crime victims, and effective legal representation of the County and many County special districts.

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Featured Program - Law Clerk Program

The Coconino County Attorney’s Office has developed a Law Clerk Program that reaches out to students in all three years of law school. Our program and work environment are designed to engage, challenge, and nurture young lawyers. Our senior attorneys are among the best public lawyers in the state and our law clerks work closely with them on specific assignments, as part of a team in strategy sessions, and in the court room. Law Clerk Program

Division Spotlight – Felony Charging

Felony Charging provides timely charging of cases and decision making to prepare the case for successful prosecution. This unit consists of two attorneys and four legal assistants. In addition to their Charging, responsibilities the Legal Assistants provide support for other areas such as Grand Jury, Flagstaff Justice Court cases, the Bad Check Program and dispositional reporting to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) State Criminal History Repository for charges that are not filed in court. As well, the attorneys in the Charging unit have additional duties, providing training to Law Enforcement and participating in the Case Review Panel process.

Over the last three months the Felony Charging unit has entered 422 felony charging requests into our system. We have charged 216 cases, declined 87 and returned 42 cases to Law Enforcement for further police action. We thank Felony Charging for all they do. Their consistency and attention to detail provides a solid footing for all of the felony cases that come through our doors.

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